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Sioux County Sheriff's Office

BOYDEN—A 29-year-old Boyden man was arrested Friday, Sept. 17, on one count of second-degree sexual abuse and four counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

The arrest of Damian Lynn Schouten stemmed from incidents with two women, according to the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office.

The first incident allegedly occurred in 2015 when one of the women told authorities Schouten grabbed her, threw her down on a bed and held her there while he performed a sex act against her will.

The other incidents allegedly occurred in January, February and May of this year with another woman.

During the January incident Schouten allegedly put his hands on the woman’s throat, causing her to come close to unconsciousness and leaving red marks on her neck while performing a sex act against her will, according to court documents. He was charged for second-degree sexually abuse for that incident.

During the February incident Schouten allegedly performed a sex act while the woman was sleeping, but when she woke up, she said, “No!” and screamed, resulting in a minor-age child to come into the room, and he stopped.

The May incidents occurred the same day, the first time about 4 a.m. and the second around noon.

Schouten allegedly put his hands around the woman’s throat and performed a sex act the first time.

The second time he allegedly pushed her onto a bed, put his hands around her throat and performed a sex act until she bit him in the arm and was able to escape the attack, according to court documents.