Family fun

Family members of all ages enjoy inflatables provided by Backyard Bounce during an event held in July at Windmill Park located in downtown Orange City 

ORANGE CITY—A desire to provide N’West Iowa families with things to do together led Chris and Tonya Huenink to open Backyard Bounce in Orange City.

The business is an inflatable rental company that began in April, and the first four months have been busy.

“We thought there was room for more affordable options for families to have inflatables for private parties,” Tonya Huenink said. “We did not expect all of the requests from nonprofits and charitable events. We provide discounts for them.”

Backyard Bounce has more than 20 inflatable units in 16 different styles for people to choose from.

“Our water slides are really popular,” Tonya said. “We have four different slides and a wide range of ages can enjoy them. We have had middle school and high school students. We even had a grandpa on one.”

A popular event Backyard Bounce hosted was held at Windmill Park in Orange City in July. The owners set up two water-slide inflatables and for $5 children and adults could utilize them for three hours.

“Five dollars for three hours of fun is a new thing we wanted to do,” Tonya said.

When hosting an event she said safety always comes first and the biggest rule the Hueninks like to stress is not letting little kids jump with bigger kids.

“These are really safe and fun to play on but we try to keep the ages similar,” Tonya said. “We don’t want anyone to be overly rough.”

Since summer is almost over and school is starting, the Backyard Bounce owners will try to employ innovative practices that will keep the business going during the colder months.

“We are working with communities on indoor events,” Tonya said. “Some of our units are as low as 8 feet which can fit in some youth rooms in churches. Practically all of the units can fit inside gymnasiums. When it’s cold families will need somewhere to go and burn energy.”

The Hueninks deliver in­­flatable units, which range in price $85-$300, within a 30-mile radius.

hey also offer an option for customers to pick up rentals themselves outside of the 30-mile radius.

The $300 option is an inflatable warped wall inspired by the popular television show “American Ninja Warrior.”

“We have more themed and unique ones that you will not see elsewhere,” Tonya said.

Backyard Bounce buys all of the inflatables from Cutting Edge N-Flatables in Mendota Heights, MN. Tonya said the company uses the thickest possible vinyl it can use and the units are double and triple stitched. The quality material and construction help prevent any accidents that might happen from people jumping around. Backyard Bounce also is insured.

“For an event for the public we are taking on the insurance risk,” Tonya said. “We are fully inspected by the state of Iowa. We go through the paperwork and processes once a year and anytime we order a new unit someone has to inspect it.”

Backyard Bounce has opened an avenue for the Hueninks to not only allow N’West Iowa families to have fun but their family gets to join in too.

“We are showing our kids the importance of work and that it is possible to have fun while doing it,” Tonya said. “This is also our built-in family time.”