Sheldon Legion Auxiliary poppy

The Sheldon unit of the American Legion Auxiliary participates in National Poppy Day — which occurred May 24 — to show its support for veterans.

SHELDON—The American Legion Auxiliary started in 1918.

The vision of the American Legion Auxiliary is not dividing ourselves because of the color of our skin, different cultures or whatever.

The vision is about unifying to help our veterans and all of the other great work Auxiliary members do.

It welcomes eligible women from various backgrounds such as different races, physical abilities, age groups, cultures to unite as Auxiliary members under the common mission of honoring and helping our veterans, military and their families and fostering patriotism and civics among our youth.

American Legion Auxiliary members fulfill their lives helping out veterans, troops and their families.

We are behind the scenes where we are not seen, but we are doing our part. We are like the roots of a tree that are never seen. But without the roots, the tree will fall and not survive.

The vision of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support the American Legion while becoming the premier service organization and foundation of every community providing support for our veterans, our military and their families by shaping a positive future in an atmosphere of fellowship, patriotism, peace and security.

The American Legion Auxiliary is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization.

Through its nearly 10,500 units located in every state and some foreign countries, the Auxiliary embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace.

Along with the American Legion, it solidly stands behind America and its ideals.

The custom of the poppy can be traced to 1918 when Moina Michael popularized the idea of wearing a poppy flower in memory of the lives lost in World War I.

She drew inspiration from the poem “Flanders Fields” written by Canadian Lt. Col. John McCrae, who in his sorrow at looking at rows and rows of graves where his comrades recently had been buried wrote the poem.

In the decades that followed poppies have been worn, displayed and distributed for fundraising efforts by veterans groups such as the American Legion Family around the world.

From the battlefields of World War I, weary soldiers brought home the memory of a barren landscape transformed by wild poppies, red as the blood that had soaked the soil. By that miracle of nature the spirit of their lost comrades live on. The poppy became a symbol of the sacrifice of lives in war and represented the hope that none had died in vain.

Millions of people worldwide wear the poppy as a call to honor living veterans and those who lost their lives.

The Sheldon unit of the American Legion Auxiliary participates in National Poppy Day — which occurred May 24 — to show its support for veterans.

During the past year, funds from Poppy Day were donated to the VA Health Care System hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, and provided clothing and personal items for needy veterans at the annual Veterans Stand Down event also in Sioux Falls.

At Christmastime we celebrate with our local veterans.

New Auxiliary members are always welcome.