Karen Trei is thankful

Karen Trei of Ashton is thankful that two women helped her buy groceries at Sheldon Hy-Veen on Wednesday, Dec. 19, when she was short of funds.

SHELDON—Karen Trei truly believes that the Christmas season brings out the best in people after two random women helped her buy groceries at Sheldon Hy-Vee Wednesday, Dec. 19.

“I think it’s the Christmas Spirit, I really do,” she said.

The Ashton woman clocked out from her job at the Sheldon McDonald’s restaurant a little after 1:30 p.m. and decided to go grocery shopping at Hy-Vee, which is just down the road.

Trei was certain she had about $52 left on her debit card to spend on food.

“It rang up and the groceries came out to about $53, so I had her take something off and it still didn’t work,” Trei said. “Then I realized I had used the card for gas.”

Trei forgot to factor her fuel up into her debit card calculations. After realizing this, Trei started removing items from her cart to try to knock her grocery bill down by another $25.

“In the meantime, the lady behind me motioned to the cashier to not let me leave and then she rang up the groceries again and the lady behind me paid for me,” Trei said.

Even before the mysterious woman behind offered her assistance, Trei said the cashier tried to give her a couple of dollars out of her own pocket to pay what they initially thought was a $2 shortfall.

During the whole ordeal, Trei felt bad because the line was starting to build up behind her as she tried to figure things out.

“I’m kind of behind on everything because I had surgery on my knee in July and I just got behind, so money has been really tight,” Trei said. “I totally did not calculate my money and I would have never had done that.”

She said she was overwhelmed by the generosity of the two women.

“I was so flustered after this all happened that I didn’t ask any names, but I did call the Hy-Vee manager and he did seem to know who I was talking about when it came to the cashier, but the lady that was behind me, I recognized her, I’ve seen her and I’m sure she’s from Sheldon, but I don’t know what her name was,” Trei said. “I just thought these guys were so sweet to do that, it made me feel good, someday I hope to pass it on.”

Because she does not know their names, Trei wanted to find a way to publicly thank the women, which is why she shared her story.

“I just had to let the world know there’s good people out there,” she said.