Archer street signs

Many street signs in Archer are aged and street names are fading. The Archer City Council plans to replace a good number of signs in town.

ARCHER—Street signs in Archer soon will be getting a face-lift.

The Archer City Council decided to replace damaged, aged and illegible signs at its Nov. 9 meeting.

The total cost to replace the signs, brackets and poles is $2,930.40. A $1,000 grant from Iowa Communities Assurance Pool will help pay for the signs.

The council preferred signs of the same length with 6-inch letters; however, the smallest font size the Iowa Department of Transportation allows is 4 inches.

Since the length of the signs is dependent upon the number of letters in the name, it is not possible for the signs to have 6-inch letters and all be the same length to meet state requirements.

Existing street signs also are of varying lengths.

The new signs will be purchased from Iowa Prison Industries in Des Moines.

In other business, the council continued discussing the library and community center.

Archer Public Library director Charlene “Annee” Carlson told the council she would prefer to that the library remain in the community center for the winter instead of moving temporarily to a different location.

“Considering the heat will be adequate, there is no reason not to try to stay here,” she said. “I know the water has to be shut off at some point, but if the shifts are short enough, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Carlson said she is continuing to look into grants but eventually will need to know how much money to request.

Council members agreed to start looking for potential locations and provide updates at each council meeting.

“If we can nail down a location, then we can start looking at buildings, and then start looking at the grant money and where it’s going to come from,” said mayor Nathan Mueller.