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Dan Clousing

Optometrist at Beaver Eye Care in Sioux Center

SIOUX CENTER—Not everyone enters college with a clear vision of what they want to do with their lives, but Dan Clousing of Sioux Center did.

Clousing credits an older cousin for influencing his decision to become an optometrist. Thanks to her, he has found a career that allows him to meaningfully impact on others’ lives.

“In optometry, we see the same patients year after year, and you develop a relationship with them and get to know them really well,” Clousing said.

Having worked at Beaver Eye Care since 2013, he helps people with exams, contact lens fittings and glasses fittings.

Much of the technology he works with has improved since his college days, and that means better patient outcomes.

One piece of tech he is excited about at Beaver Eye Care is the Neurolens, a type of lens that’s made to correct eyes that aren’t lining up properly.

Because of that misalignment, that leads to eye strain and headaches.

“We try to be innovative here,” Clousing said. “We have about as new of technology as you can have to stay on the cutting edge and make sure that we’re providing the best possible product for our patients that we can.”

The eyes also can serve as a window into other health issues a patient might have.

During an exam, Clousing and his colleagues have been able to detect diabetes and hypertension that had not been known to the patient.

That’s why access to quality care is something Clousing values.

To that end, he helped start Promise Community Health Center’s vision program four years ago. He spends half a day there every week providing optometry services for those who do not feel comfortable going to a regular optometry office.

“It’s great serving a demographic that maybe we and other optometry offices are missing,” he said.