Grond schedules work session

Steve Grond called for a work session for the West Sioux Board of Education. This work session is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7.

HAWARDEN—West Sioux School District superintendent Steve Grond has called the school board together for a work session to be held prior to the board’s regular meeting Monday, Oct. 21.

The work session will begin at 5:30 p.m. today (Monday, Oct. 7).
Board to put in overtime

West Sioux Board members will gather to work on details pertaining to facility use policy, the football turf project and moving West Sioux forward.

First on Grond’s proposed work session agenda is long range planning. Grond has started working with other West Sioux administration and custodial staff to identify areas of need and concerns throughout the building.
“I want to start having discussions with the board as well in soliciting your thoughts about the district’s needs moving forward,” Grond said. 
The work session would be the first discussion of several to keep West Sioux moving forward. Grond’s goal is to have a general working of the board’s priorities.
Second item on the work session’s agenda is to discuss the football field turf project.
Grond said a big question is “How are we going to proceed with this project and other projects moving forward?”
“I have contacted Beck Engineering,” Grond said. “In thinking through this issue, there are a couple of overarching items to consider including”
Grond said his goal would be to have a clear direction with both of these items. 
In a packet each board member received a copy of the scope and schedule for the football field turf construction project.
It is listed that the purpose of the project is to construct a new field turf football field and drainage improvements within the footprint of the existing football field.
The cost estimate for the project is $1,159,591.80. The fees from Beck Engineering of Cherokee is $125,000.
In the plans, the final design plans and specifications for the project is dated December 2019 and the public hearing and bid letting will begin the end of that month or in January of 2020. After the bids are received then awarded by February of 2020, the construction will begin in May 2020 with a construction substantial completion tentatively set for August 2020.
Board to put in extra work

Members of the West Sioux Board of Education will meet for a work session prior to the regular West Sioux School Board meeting scheduled for Monday, Oct. 21.

The third item on the works session schedule is to continue discussing the school’s facility use rental fees.
“As we continue to work on this policy, there are several things to keep in mind,” Grond said. “We should base our decision on what is in the best interest of West Sioux. The policy basis is not how it affects one entity. The process should be deliberate and well thought out and not based on emotion. I’m hoping that the policy we develop is fair and can stand the test for more than several years.”
Grond said the reason the policies come up for review yearly is so that the school can be sure it is meeting the needs of the whole school.
Within that policy, up for discussion during the work session include daily fees verses hourly rates, custodial fees, snow removal, insurance considerations, legal considerations, political uses, employee discounts and hierarchy of use. While Gront said this list is not exhaustive, he believes those items will be good starting points to begin writing a policy that best fits the schools interest.

“My goal for this would be to reach a consensus on these issues,” Grond said.