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HAWARDEN—The West Sioux School District is encouraging those residing in the district, including Hawarden and Ireton, to fill out a survey about its facilities.

At present, the district’s student body is split between three buildings with 139 transitional kindergarten and first-grade students at the Ireton Elementary, 203 second- through fifth-grade students at the Hawarden Elementary and 441 sixth- through 12th-grade students at the middle school and high School building in Hawarden.

Ireton Elementary also houses a day care program that serves 15-25 youth infant through 4 years old in addition students in before and after school programs.

“This survey is important to help the West Sioux School District understand the public’s long-term vision for district facilities and your participation is greatly appreciated,” said superintendent Steve Grond.

He said the school district has been working with FEH Design of Sioux City to get to this point.

“The first came and did a building survey assessment, looked what’s there,” Grond said. “Then met with teachers as well as support staff in small groups to learn about needs, space issues, deficiencies, those kinds of things and they used that information to guide items within the survey.”

One of the 18 questions in the survey asks area residents to rank which projects they see as most important. The project list includes:

  • Construct a new prekindergarten through fifth-grade elementary building in Ireton, replacing the existing Ireton building and closing the Hawarden Elementary building.
  • Construct a fine arts addition with auditorium to the high school building.
  • n Renovate the middle school auditorium, which will reduce the existing seating to accommodate ADA and existing standards.
  • Construct an addition to and renovation of the Hawarden Elementary to create a prekindergarten through fifth-grade building, closing the existing Ireton Elementary building.
  • Construct a new elementary in Hawarden to replace the existing Hawarden Elementary School.
  • Construct a new prekindergarten through fifth-grade building in Hawarden, closing the existing Hawarden and Ireton Elementary buildings.
  • n Renovate and construct additional restrooms at the high school building.
  • Construct a new concessions stand/restroom building at the high school athletic complexes.
  • Construct a new competition gymnasium, location to be determined.
  • Construct a new prekindergarten through second-grade elementary building in Ireton, replacing the existing building.
  • Construct an addition to the high school of classrooms to serve students interested in technical careers, such as agriculture, industrial tech, welding, etc.

The survey also asks if residents within is district would help campaign if the district decides to go to referendum for a vote in September 2021.

The survey — https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WestSiouxSocial— will close May 3.