Flower gardens were beautiful

The Tour of Gardens had several in attendance Tuesday, July 9 during the Ireton Area Historical Society's fundraiser.

IRETON—A beautiful evening for a walk in the garden, or for the city of Ireton, several gardens was Tuesday, July 9.

IAHS Tour of Gardens

Members of the Ireton Area Historical Society welcomed people to the Tour of Gardens and handed out the tour guides in the history house in Ireton.


The Ireton Area Historical Society (IAHS) held the tour fundraiser from 5-8 p.m. and it featured seven different gardens.

Great turnout in Ireton

Gina Vreeman and Ardis Eilts were thrilled with the turnout at the Tour of Gardens in Ireton Tuesday, July 9.

First on the tour was Mike and Kris Ebel whom have a large vegetable garden as well as a beautiful flower garden at 117 Pleasant View Drive.

Ebel's water smarter not harder

Mike and Kris Ebel have orchestrated the perfect process of collecting rain water to provide for fresh water to keep their vegetable garden and flower garden watered.

Ebel proud of vegetable garden

Mike Ebel stands proud beside the vegetable garden he and his wife Kris have had since they moved to Ireton.

Second was Denny and Diane Burns at 603 Ash Street. This perennial flower garden is something that helps Diane remember her mother whom also loved gardening.

Burns garden part of tour in Ireton

Diane and Denny Burns had their flower garden on display for all in attendance during the Tour of Gardens Tuesday, July 9 in Ireton.

Tribute to her mother

Diane Burns paid respect to her mothers love of gardening displaying a poem written by her husband Denny. The poem speaks about the love of gardening and it was read at her funeral. Diane says she gets her love of gardening from her mom.

Third on the tour was Marty Toczek and her raised beds of vegetables and flowers. Toczek has been gardening raised beds for the last three or four years at her home at 603 East Street.

Beautiful gardens on display

Marty Toczek was among several that had their garden on the map for people to stop and see. Her favorite things to grow in her garden are black cohosh and the climbing clematis.


Fourth on the Tour of Gardens sponsored by IAHS was Ava’s Playhouse located at 303 Seventh Street. Ava is the daughter of Lyle and Angela Ten Napel and Lyle built the playhouse for Ava out of recycled wood from an old shed.

Playhouse among tour stops

Ava Ten Napel's playhouse was among the seven stops during the Ireton Area Historical Society's Tour of Gardens.

Fifth on the tour was a luxury tree house at Doug and Janet Smit’s house at 307 Fifth Street. The tree house idea came from their granddaughter Sophie who mentioned she would like to have a tree house. After that, her grandpa Doug went straight to work designing and building. The couple is labeled as the “Tree House Masters” of the Ireton neighborhood.

Tour of Gardens success

Doug Smit welcomes two ladies to his backyard oasis during the Tour of Gardens in Ireton.

Sixth on the tour was Lynn Juffer’s cabin in the woods at 806 Fifth Street. Juffer showed off his beautiful yard and says he loves the peacefulness of the location.

Last but not least, Scott and Gina Vreeman welcomed everyone to the shed at 802 Sixth Street. The shed was built in 2016 and the Vreemans say this is their vacation home at home. Those participating in the tour were treated to refreshments at the Vreeman’s shed provided by IAHS.

Vreeman welcome all to The Shed

Scott and Gina Vreeman call their shed their vacation home. Also in the shed is a man cave decorated with everything to do with Scott’s favorite team Iowa State Cyclones.


All in all the Tour of Gardens was quite the success. Members of the IAHS dedicated this year’s garden tour to the memory of Marsha Brown who dedicated many hours to bring the historical society to life. The would also like to thank everyone who took part in the second Tour of Gardens organized in Ireton. The first was held July 13, 2010. All monies raised will be used to help support the IAHS.

In a special note, members also recognized the old water tanks full of flowers that eight-grader Molly Hulshof placed around town as a 4-H citizen project. Hulshof placed three on Main Street and two at the campground in the park.