HAWARDEN—Suede Design and Repurpose is moving. 

Husband and wife Wade and Sadie Wiksen of Hawarden, who began their business of designing and creating furniture pieces in their garage about four years ago, purchased a storefront at 820 Central Ave. in Hawarden as of June 3. 

The couple has been looking around the past six months for a building they could buy that had both a shop and a space to display the custom items they make. 

“Really, it has been a thought since I’ve had to park my car outside all winter,” Sadie said. “We were looking for a building that had a nice space for me to display our custom stuff and the home decor and that had a shop in the back for Wade to build so we could have our garage back.”

The building they purchased had everything they wanted.

The couple has also become a home decor retailer to enhance their business.

“We’re excited about that and I love displaying items and showing people how I would put them together or how I’d place them in my home so this gives me the space to have our furniture and custom pieces and show how to decorate them,” Sadie said. 

While the Wiksens agree the city of Hawarden’s recent plans to renovate Central Avenue are exciting and is a bonus to their purchase, they said they would have purchased the store anyway because they are excited to be downtown with several other businesses. 

Another added bonus about the building is that there are upstairs apartments the couple plan to renovate and rent out.

“The apartments were a pleasant surprise. I’m kind of obsessed with them because they have awesome details like huge sky lights and built ins that are beautiful and unique,” Sadie said. “The store will be our first priority to get that up and going but those will be on the ‘honey-do’ list afterward.”

The Wiksens hope their customers are just as excited as they are about their latest acquisition.

“We would love to be all done with renovations in the front store space in time for fall,” Sadie said. “I couldn’t be more excited to decorate and get stuff for Christmas.”