Streelights going up in Hawarden

People traveling to Hawarden Tuesday, Aug. 13, on Central Avenue in downtown Hawarden can get a glimpse of what the city's streetlight project will look like. Three decorative streetlights were placed on the southwest side of Central Avenue.

HAWARDEN—Residents and visitors can get a glimpse of one of the first projects the city of Hawarden approved to better the downtown business district today (Tuesday, Aug. 13) and make Central Avenue more inviting.

The Hawarden City council approved bids for new street lights during the Wednesday, May 8, meeting. The project will bring 21 new decorative streetlight poles to Hawarden’s downtown area, similar to the ones along Highway 10. Another 17 streetlights will also be installed on the side streets downtown, but they won’t be decorative.

K&W Lighting, a Cedar Falls company, was the bid approved totaling $499,987.50.

The condition of the previous streetlights had degraded, and they were visibly rusting.

“We replaced all our street lights coming into town two or three years ago,” said Hawarden city administrator Mike DeBruin. “Those were also in severe need of replacement. So, our downtown, our Main Street street lights are going to match very closely what we have on Highway 10.”

 Work on the street lights on Central Avenue in the Hawarden business district will continue. The next project will be an asphalt overlay of Central Avenue.

“We’re hoping that the money that we’re putting into it and the facelift we’re giving it creates an excitement with some of the current business owners, residents, visitors and people traveling through town,” DeBruin said.