Grond wants to raise rental fees

Superintendent Steve Grond made his recommendation to the West Sioux Community School District Board of Education on the possibility of raising the rates for school facility usage.


HAWARDEN—West Sioux Community School District superintendent Steve Grond is asking the school board to consider increasing rental fees of district facilities.

At the board’s Monday, Aug. 19, meeting, Grond proposed charging:

$250 for group usage and $125 for individual usage for the high school gym.

$250 for group usage and $125 for individual usage for the elementary/middle school gym.

$250 for group usage and $125 for individual usage for auditorium.

$250 for group usage and $125 for individual usage for the commons.

$150 for group usage and $60 for individual usage of the kitchen.

$50 per room for any usage.

Grond said qualifications and criteria would need to be set to determine whether a rental would fall into a group or individual usage category.

School associated clubs would be exempt from the fees under Grond’s recommendation. However, individuals wanting to use the gym for a birthday party, for example, would be charged $125 for the gym. 

A group wanting to host something like a basketball tournament fundraiser or local organizations wanting to host events, that fee would be $250 to use the gym.

Grond told the board he’s making his recommendation based on information he gathered from several Sioux County schools, comparing that to West Sioux’s policy as it pertains to gym, school and equipment rentals. 

Grond said “West Sioux is well below the average” of what other Sioux county schools are doing.

 While raising the rates has been talked about at previous school board meetings, no decisions have been made on what those exact rates would or should be.

“I just believe it is good to look at what the policy is,” Grond said.

Granite Church has been using the school facilities to hold weekly church services at the high school/middle school. The school has been charging the church roughly $60 per week.

Pastor Cy McMahon of Granite Church was at the school board meeting. He raised his hand to “give context” to the rest of the board and administration in attendance that Grond’s recommendation would cause Granite Church fees to go from “$60 a week to nearly $900.” Grond agreed with that figure.

The board plans to continue the discussion at its next meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Other matters

In other agenda items, the board:

Heard the financial report from Grond, who reported:

Cash Balance — $1,525,603, compared to last year at this time $1,552,707.

Year-to-Date Expenditures — $76,273 compared to last year at this time $127,122. 

Activity Fund — $128,911.

Management Fund $102,572.

SILO Fund — $1,315,348.

PPEL Fund — $520,264.

Nutrition Fund — $77,853.

Daycare Fund — $ (12,761)

Grond informed the board that he is working diligently to figure out how to fix the negative balance and increase the cash flow pertaining to the Daycare Fund.

Approved the following employee contracts: Kathy McInnis, kitchen/custodian; Bruce Keizer, girls track coach; Ashley Hoegh, cross country coach; Amber Rule, prom sponsor; Shad Coppock, golf coach; Jerica Sieperda, high school math and Annette Johnson, high school special ed.

Heard in the superintendent’s report that Grond plans to hire Sioux Commercial Sweeping of Sioux Center to seal the cracks of the new parking lot at the West Sioux High School and paint the lines on the lot as well. The total for both projects will be about $10,450 and, according to Grond, the funds will be taken from the PPEL Fund.

Discussed purchasing a cover for the new high school gym floor. The bid by Humphrys Coversports in the amount of $12,323.45 was approved by the board pending appropriate storage was secured before purchase.