Ireton resident excited for new role

Laurie Lockhorst started in the new full-time role for the city Oct. 7. She’s working alongside city administrator/clerk is Carol Liston until Liston’s retirement in October 2020 at which point Lockhorst will assume the city administrator/clerk position.

IRETON—The city of Ireton has a new deputy clerk.

Laurie Lockhorst started in the new full-time role for the city Oct. 7. The plan is for city administrator/clerk is Carol Liston to continue working full-time alongside Lockhorst through the end of 2019. Liston will switch to part time in January 2020 and remain part time until her retirement in October 2020 at which point Lockhorst will assume the city administrator/clerk role.

“It means a lot to me to be able to work alongside Carol to learn the job,” Lockhorst said. “Having worked so many years in manufacturing where there isn’t a lot of training, having someone to work alongside of has been wonderful so far.”

Lockhorst, 55, is an Ireton native.

“Being able to work for the town that I’ve called home my whole life means a lot because I really care a lot about this town, how it produces, how it looks, trying to keep it up,” she said. “It’s a nice small town. It’s changed a lot in the years I’ve lived here but it’s still a nice small town to raise your kids. So friendly. You pretty much know everybody. I’m hoping to do the best I can.”

Lockhorst had worked at Groschopp in Sioux Center since April. Before than she worked 2000-19 at Pella Corp. in Sioux Center and 1986-2000 at Harkers in Sioux Center.

She also continued to work part time doing bookkeeping for Eisma’s Garage in Ireton.

“I’ve been interested in bookkeeping since high school,” she said. “My route went after high school didn’t pan out the way I wanted it because I went to beauty college but I needed to have insurance because that’s being an adult so I found a job at Harkers. I stayed in the production field because it was more money.”

She also stayed because she was a single parent to a daughter.

“She’s the main reason stayed in the factory because it was better benefits for us as a family,” Lockhorst said. “But now she’s an adult and on her own. I live by myself and felt like I’m getting to the where I was interested in more of a sit down job. Otherwise I was standing 10-12 hours a day on cement.”

Laurie Lockhorst 2

Ireton mayor Chris Mueller, city administrator/clerk is Carol Liston, deputy clerk Laurie Lockhorst and superintendent of utilities Jordan Richardson listen to some comments during the Oct. 21 Ireton City Council meeting. The meeting was the first Lockhorst attended after starting in the new city position Oct. 7.

A feat becoming more difficult after having knee surgery about a year and half ago.

“This job seemed a like a good change of pace,” she said, adding that it’s also close to home. She no longer has the twice-a-day 20-minute commute from Ireton to Sioux Center that she did for more than 30 years.

“It wasn’t getting any easier,” she said.

Lockhorst appreciated being able to work alongside Liston.

“Working in a factories a lot of time you don’t get a lot of training so this makes me feel comfortable,” Lockhorst said. Being able to have her right here guiding me through the ins and outs of different things, especially the budgeting, is so helpful.”

Lockhorst’s main goal is to continue to learn about her new role.

“I hope to do the best I can for this community I love,” she said.