IRETON—Each home within Ireton city limits will have the option to pick up a free tag to put on extra 30-gallon bag of garbage or recycling materials.

OC Sanitation is providing 280 tags to the city of Ireton to help educate the community on how residential garbage and recycling pick up works.

OC Sanitation owner Brad Wielenga shared pictures with the Ireton City Council at its regular meeting Monday, May 20, showing problems recently with extra garbage by trash cans.

“I’m willing to step up, taking responsibility, that some more education on my part is needed on how this works,” Wielenga said. “I want to try to do a better job, helping people be aware of their options.”

OC Sanitation has provided garbage and recycling services to Ireton for more than six years. About two year ago the company switched to an automated system in which robotic arms pick up the garbage can. However, if a resident has a tagged item next to the can, the truck driver will pick that up also.

“Mo other company offers this tag system,” Wielenga said. “You go to towns with other garbage services like Sioux Center, LeMars, those truck drivers drive right on by if there’s extra garbage or what looks like too full a bin. We’re happy to offer this tag method to our customers.”

Each residential customer is provided with a green 60 gallon trash can. If a customer needs to use additional cans/bags, they must obtain tags from the Ireton city office at the cost of $1 per 30 gallon bag or can. A customer may also upgrade to a 90-gallon trash bin for $4 month.

“If someone doesn’t want to pick up a tag each week, that bigger can is a great option,” Wielenga said, noting the tag system works for recycling as well.

The council encouraged the education and free tags.

“I will admit this is what our garbage looks like every single week and there’s just two of us,” said city council member Dawn Mueller, of the overflowing trash can pictures being passed around the table. “I didn’t realize the options either. I don’ think we were educated on this.”

“It’s definitely worth trying to do the eduction,” said mayor Chris Mueller. “Some things probably didn’t happen in the roll out. It’s worth giving these free tags a shot, putting up notices and spreading the word about them.”