Ireton council to sell properties

Ireton City Council voted to sell thee properties. Offers will be taken up until Monday, Nov. 23. Anyone interested should contact city clerk Laurie Lockhorst at the city office.

IRETON—The decision to sell three different city-owned properties in Ireton was made unanimously Monday, Oct. 19, during the regular Ireton City Council meeting.

Before the discussion about selling the properties, council voted to take out a loan for $50,000 from the water fund to pay for the land they are purchasing from STAR Energy. Ireton mayor Chris Mueller questioned city attorney Myron Toering about where things are with the deed, as the city has not received that yet from STAR Energy.

“We know that we have someone interested in the north lot and I have had two different people ask me what we are going to do with the lot where the building blew up and there is just the concrete pad,” Mueller said. “There is significant interest in that property and we need to talk about as a city how we want to offer that up, we have to hold a public hearing in a council session. We can talk to the party that is interested, but we need to offer it to anyone else that is interested, too, as a city property.”

Council member Craig Peterson questions whether or not maintenance supervisor Jordan Richardson felt the city would need to have additional space for city equipment in the next few years.

“I just don’t want you coming in the next three-five years saying you need more space,” Peterson said.

Richardson agreed to have the city sell the property and add another property, the equipment shed on the west side of Main Street. 

The city will be accepting offers on three commercial properties:

• 0.5 acres (21,780 square feet) on First Street.

• 0.52 acres (22,651 square feet) on First Street.

• 0.30 acres (13,165 square feet) on Main Street.

Offers will be taken up until Monday, Nov. 23. Anyone interested should contact city clerk Laurie Lockhorst at the city office.

The council was presented information from Gerad Gradert of Ireton, who works for Zomer Realty about Gradert wanting to amend the previous listing agreement granted to him in August that gave the Rock Valley-based realty company exclusive rights to sell lots in the city’s West View development. Gradert told the council he is OK with opening up the selling of those lots.

“That way if Doug or Dustin Houlton, who are in town, wish to come and do a listing on it, I think it is great,” Gradert said. “Whatever we can do to get those lots sold, I am more than open to do that. I will still give them, or whomever $500 for bringing a buyer.”

Gradert told council members he has two lots the city has offers on, one being $17,000 from Harold and Janelle Kraught with the buyer closing on the lot on or before July 1, 2021.

“They are a retired couple from the suburbs of Minneapolis,” Gradert said. “They are connected with Eric Schuller, very nice people.”

Gradert said he would like to purchase lot No. 12 in the southwest corner.

Gradert also told the council he has gotten an offer from Arlin Leusink for the purchase of lot No. 4 in the amount of $18,000 with the contingency he can build a shed larger than 180-square-feet to be built in the backyard at some point.

Both offers for the lots in the West View Development were approved by the council.