Truck and Tractor Pull in Hawarden

One hundred-fourty-four times this sled was hooked up to a tractor or truck to see how far it could be pulled Friday in Hawarden.


HAWARDEN—Hawarden’s Event Complex was the new home for the West Central Iowa Pullers to host their Truck and Tractor Pull. The event was formertly held in Akron.

To begin the event, West Sioux High School freshman Emma Breugem sang the National Anthem.

“Our night opened with the anthem sang perfectly,” event organizer Kyle Hoffman said. “There were 144 total hooks, approximately 400 spectators and from what I hear, the concessions sold out and then sold out again.”

Lots of fun in Hawarden

Children of all ages attended the Truck and Tractor Pull in Hawarden, Friday, Aug. 28.


Hoffman was thrilled with the turnout for the night considering West Sioux, Akron-Westfield and Alcester-Hudson all had away football games, farmers were busy chopping silage and Hoffman said, “that’s not even mentioning COVID-19.”

“We had a beautiful night as the heat broke just in time for us and by the end of the night many were searching for a sweatshirt,” he said. Track conditions were perfect thanks to Verlyn Dekkers and family.”

Many pullers were from local towns and there were several from distant drives according to Hoffman. He also said plans for next years pull are already in the works and they look forward to another year with much learned and more to offer the community. Hoffman is grateful for the community support.

“Couldn’t be happier with the support of the City, Fire Dept and EMT personel and all the volunteers,” Hoffman said. “A huge shoutout to all of our sponsors, the event couldn’t happen without them.”

Pullers came from all over

Marv Huisman from Orange City pulling in his tractor Friday, Aug. 28 in Hawarden. The name of his tractor is Orange Frustration. He pulled at a speed of 18.9 mph and for 338.16 feet.


2020 Hawarden results


Econo Mod Tractors

1st—Farmall M, Bob Pommier, 333.97

2nd—One Piece at a Time, Duane Pfister, 330.45

3rd—Corn Picker Special, Paul Hanson, 330.23

2wd Street Mod

1st—UnWanted, Pam Slifer, 294.49

LLSS Tractors

1st--—Ol Girl, Duane Pfister, 387.72

2nd—Pain In the Allis, Andrew Dollen, 381.64

3rd—Buckin’ Binder, Scott Walker, 194.96

Pro Stock 4x4

1st—Heartbeat of America, Brandon Blume, 352.58

2nd—What Next, Branden Walling, 343.07

3rd—Tantrum, Clint Smeal, 342.85

 3200 RPM Tractors

1st—The Original, Alan Zellmer, 370.72

2nd—Red Edge, Gary Kavanaugh, 368.99

3rd—Red Factor, Brett Suckstorf, 363.41

2wd Modified

1st—Hot Iron, Mark Crowley, 366.91

2nd—Midnight Mistress 2, Gerald Tomka, 354.06

3rd—Slightly Twisted, Dustin Van Beek

 4wd Modified

1st—Wild Wind, Mike Williams, 406.01

2nd—Just Right, Randy Slifer

3rd—Bohemian Outlaw, Chris Bouc, 315.84

Light Limited Pro

1st—Storm Chaser, Tony Hassebroek, 373.96

2nd—Unknown Binder, Nate Bottjen, 339.88

Econo Mod Tractors

1st—Farmall M, Bob Pommier, 340.11

2nd—One Piece at a Time, Duane Pfister, 328.21

3rd—Corn Picker Special, Paul Hanson, 359.01

2wd Street Mod 

1st—UnWanted, Pam Slifer, 279.79

Pro Stock 4x4

1st—Heartbeat of America, Brandon Blume, 355.07

2nd—No Limit, Cole Neugebauer, 349.84 

3rd—The Abyss, Keith Walling, 324.97

3200 RPM Tractors

1st—The Original, Alan Zellmer, 333.00

2nd—Corn Star, Jim Diimig, 305.86

3rd—Run Around Sue, Kurt Heinse, 302.93

2wd Modified

1st—Midnight Mistress 2, Mitch Tomka, 340.87 

2nd—Hot Iron, Mark Crowley, 334.76

3rd—Ragin’ Red, Aaron Dekkers, 323.80

4wd Modified

1st—Wild Wind, Mike Williams, 394.30

2nd—Just Right, Randy Slifer, 352.83

3rd—Burn It Down, Mat Hamata, 313.54 

Light Limited Pro

1st—Storm Chaser, Tony Hassebroek, 351.67

2nd— Unkown Binder, Nate Bottjen, 302.24

Unlimited Super Stock 

1st—Demon B Gone, Lyke Ronk, 278.05

2nd—Addiction, Ryan Frerichs, 230.13


6700 Farm 7mph

1st—IH 560 Bitty Binder, Terry Blackmore, Merrill, 286.68

2nd—IH 666, Steve Hoffman, Westfield, 277.14

3rd—Oliver 88, Jerry Renken, Wagner, SD, 257.90

10700 Farm

1st—IH 1456, Lee Minor, Akron, 316.15

2nd—IH 856, Sharon Hustrulid, Beresford, SD, 313.54

3rd—JD 4320, Scott Robbins, Alta, 309.10

8700 3000rpm

1st-—IH 3688 Scrap Iron Express, Dan Blankespoor, George, 351.57

2nd—IH 966 The Hawk, Allen Zellmer, Atlantic, 351.13

3rd—IH 1066 Bullheaded, Kevin Krager, Ida Grove, 350.85


1st—JD 44555 Dakota Deere, Allen Andrews, Beresford, SD, 411.46

2nd—JD 7330 Burning Bucks, Mike Dunklau, Pilgner, NE, 407.27

3rd—JD 4455 Brule Buck, Beresford, SD, 405.01

13200 Go Fast Farm 13mph

1st— JD 4320, Dan Huisenga, Sac City, 324.15

2nd–IH 856, Trevor Stene, Alcester, SD, 312.85

3rd—IH 1456, Brian Barinsky, Hawarden, 304.22

13700 Farm

1st—IH 1456, Trevor Stene, Alcester, SD, 304.19

2nd—IH 1066, Lane Jensen, Burbank, SD, 303.27

3rd—IH 1066, Issaac Timmerman, Lennox, SD, 302.64

20000 Farm

1st—IH 1206, Darin Johnson, Alcester, SD, 288.95

2nd—JD 4430, Kyle Kenefick, 282.81

3rd—JD 4560, Hunter Sandbulte, Luverne, MN, 281.93

Other 2000 Farm

1st—CIH 305 25K FWA, Aaron Dekkers, Hawarden, 385.08

1st—NH 8970 25K, Tragan Moffatt, Akron, 373.58

1st—IH 1566 Unlimited, Darin Johnson, Alcester, SD, 382.68

Farm trucks

1st—84 Hell Chevy, Carl Uhling, Tekamah, NE, 444.49