Mike DeBruin

HAWARDEN—Hawarden city administrator Mike DeBruin announced his resignation at the Sept. 22 Hawarden City Council meeting.

“I’ll be retiring from the city as of Dec. 31, 2021, after more than 32 years of service,” DeBruin told the city councilors. “I’m hopeful this will give the council enough time to search to find a suitable replacement.”

DeBruin, 57, has served as city administrator since Jan. 1, 2018. His employment with the city began with seasonal mowing in May 1989. May 1990, he began work in law enforcement with the Hawarden Police Department. He was promoted to sergeant in June 1993 and to chief of police June 1999.

Members of the city council thanked him for his work.

“He’s put a lot into the city over the years and done a lot for us,” city councilman Rob Klocke said.

In a separate interview, DeBruin said he has no plans yet about what’s next for him.

“There was no one reason that stands out,” he said, of his decision to resign, “but after 32 and a half years, I’m young enough to enjoy some retirement as well as see what the future holds.”

He gave his thanks to others for having trust in him in this position.

“Growing up here and being involved with the city for 32 years, I look back on a very rewarding career,” DeBruin said. “To me, it means a lot that people had that much faith in me and the abilities I think I brought forward.”