Fields are completely under water

North of Hawarden fields are under water due to melting snow and the recent rainfall.

HAWARDEN—Melting snow and rainfall has made a big impact on Hawarden and those who reside there.

Flood waters cause basement flooding

Several homes are surrounded by water North of Hawarden due to heavy rainfall and rapidly melting snow.

Hawarden public works director Travis Waterman said the city electric and street crews are working around the clock to ensure safety on roads experiencing massive flooding.

South of Hawarden is under water

Bomgaars in Hawarden is experiencing heavy flooding.

Flood waters continue to rise south of town

Flood waters continue to rise south of Hawarden. This photo was taken by Lynott Implement just south of Hawarden.

"We have been going around trying to get water to flow," Waterman said. 

The city of Hawarden has closed Avenue A in Hawarden as well as the intersection of Avenue L and First Street in Hawarden.

Avenue L and 1st Street closed

The City of Hawarden has put barricades up at Avenue L and 1st Street in Hawarden due to water over the road.

One mile east of Hawarden at the intersection of Highway 10 and Chestnut Avenue, the road is partially washed away and on 440th Street between Chestnut Avenue and Cleveland Avenue 2 1/2 miles east of town, that road has been impacted by the floodwaters as well.

Road closures all throughout N'West Iowa

Flood waters are causing road closures all throughout N'West Iowa. Including two roads inside city limits in Hawarden.