Artists showcase recent work in juried exhibition

Working from home took on new meaning for a lot of people over the past several months.

Artists were no exception and a new exhibit at the Pearson Lakes Art Center showcases the work many did over the past couple years — whether from an already established studio or something set up at home on the fly.

The “Pearson Biennial: Working from Home” is on display through March 5 in the Weaver Lobby Gallery and McIlrath Landing Gallery at the art center in Okoboji.

The show is a juried exhibition with artists submitting up to three works for consideration.

All told there are about 40 pieces in the show by 25 different artists.

“The Biennial show was the last big one we had before 2020. The opening in late 2019 was the last big get-together for a bunch of these artists,” said Danielle Clouse Gast, visual arts director at the art center. “When we were brainstorming ideas for the theme we thought, ‘What about art that folks have been making during this time?’ That fit the timeline since our last juried exhibition and as a result also drew a lot of new names to the art center and some familiar names, so it’s a nice mix of new and returning artists.”

Quilts made from recycled plastic came from Minneapolis-based artist Eric Olson, someone new to the art center but with ties to northwest Iowa.

Visitors will surely recognize the work of Steve Borms of Sioux Falls when they see another one of his neon creations in the gallery.

There is everything from watercolor works to carved gourds, painting, photography, mixed media and much more.

“When artists submit works for the show it’s done digitally, so one of the things I really like about this show is when the physical works show up at the building. It’s exciting to go through them and know instantly that the audience will enjoy the pieces,” Clouse Gast said.