Under the Sea

Treasure Village presents “The Little Mermaid”

A few twists on a classic tale will have families entertained once again at Treasure Village.

The second show of the children’s theatre’s 47th season is “The Little Mermaid” with 17 performances starting July 16 and running through Aug. 10.

Doors open at 9:30 a.m. and admission costs $5.50 for children ages 3-10 and $7 for those 11 and older.

“This one has a different feel than ‘Pinocchio’ did with its big, bold ’80s colors and themes,” said director Linnea Lambert. “This is more of a classic look on stage with less props and a lot of attention to costumes.”

Most of those who attend will be familiar with the general tale.

There is Sabrina, a mermaid with a strong desire to see the world above the waves. Her older, protective sister, Nerina, doesn’t understand her sister’s fascination.

On Sabrina’s 18th birthday she’s finally allowed to go to the surface and saves a prince who was drowning in a shipwreck and soon falls in love. She then strikes a deal with Rudabah the Sea Witch, but in return for her human legs she loses her voice.

The adventures and arcs along the way are familiar as well, but come with a few changes in course.

“What’s nice about our version is that we make it happy and fun. It’s a classic tale with a positive ending and not one, but two love stories,” Lambert said.

One love story is obvious, that between the title character and her prince. The other may be a bit more surprising.

“So often the villain is just a villain, but here the Sea Witch has a chance at redemption,” Lambert said.

Laura Clark, who brings the character of Rudabah to life on stage, enjoys the opportunity that twist to the tale provides.

“It’s really fun to play Rudabah and go on that adventure and see the character arc she takes in each show,” Clark said.

Also unique to the Treasure Village version of “The Little Mermaid” will be the soundtrack.

“It’s an original musical,” Lambert said. “They’re not Disney songs but it’s guaranteed you’ll walk away with the melodies in your head.”

The audience will also walk away with another fantastic and fun-filled family theatre experience from Treasure Village.