The family theatre’s 47th season gets underway in the Iowa Great Lakes

A classic tale told many times, “Pinocchio,” is getting a totally ’80s twist this summer at the Treasure Village Family Theatre.

Set in a decade known for neon and big hair, the main plot of the story remains the same.

A wooden puppet magically comes to life to the surprise and delight of a toymaker named Gepetto and learns lessons about right and wrong with several mishaps and adventures along the way.

The production will take the stage at Treasure Village for 10 a.m. performances June 25-29, July 2-6, July 9-13, July 19, July 26, and Aug. 2. Tickets range from $5.50-$7.

Director Deborah Clark says the talent and chemistry of this year’s cast is sure to make for some memorable performances.

“The audience is really going to see a tight-knit cast and a group that really has a talent for improv and comedy,” Clark said. “And this is a show that lends itself to quick wit and some slapstick comedy, too. I’m proud of this cast — they’re a talented bunch and I hope everyone enjoys watching them here and throughout the year.”

The chemistry could come from the fact that all the cast members are local. In fact, in a rare turn, they’re all even from the same school.

Okoboji High School students Liam Knudtson, Gwen Gehrke, Carter Lambert, Cassie Hinshaw and Laura Clark round out this year’s cast having already built plenty of trust among each other through high school plays and large group speech contests.

“To have that chemistry already can help us take our performances to the next level,” said Laura Clark, who plays several roles in “Pinocchio.”

Half the cast in fact will take on multiple roles, with the exceptions of Knudtson and Gehrke, who will take turns portraying the title character.

As with most Treasure Village productions, audiences can expect to be included in the action at some point or another. And with different people attending each performance, that means each show has the ability to become its own unique experience.

It’s an element of the show that the actors enjoy just as much as those sitting in the seats.

“It’s fun to interact with the audience and see how the show grows each time,” Laura Clark said.

“I’m excited to have fun and show what we’ve worked so hard for,” Hinshaw added. “It’s a show that everyone can relate to and the audience will have fun with it.”

Whether that’s the parents chuckling at some of the ’80s references, or laughing right alongside their children at Pinocchio’s awkward attempts at his first steps as a real boy, audiences of all ages will surely enjoy Treasure Village’s rendition of this classic tale.