The Beach Club hosts live music on Thursdays

For the past year, we’ve been missing out on a lot of things.

Friends, family, social interactions, eating out, big group events and live music.

With the most of those things coming back slowly but surely so too are live music events.

The Beach Club restaurant is located in The Inn Hotel in Arnolds Park, and they are back to offering live music on Thursday nights.

“Initially we had live music and then COVID happened and we actually had to close for a while and all last summer we had no live music on Thursdays,” said Andrew Gross, general manager of The Inn Hotel and The Beach Club. “We have been offering some since last fall but it’s been a little hit or miss as things were still very up in the air with the coronavirus pandemic.”

But as restrictions are easing and adjustments have been made to help ensure social distancing for customers at the restaurant, live music is back on Thursday nights, according to Gross.

“We have mostly local musicians who come and play on Thursday nights. They play some of their own stuff and then other favorites as well,” Gross said. “It’s also a special night because that is the night the restaurant features the long ribs and the bones are a foot long. They go in the smoker on Wednesday night and slow smoke until the following day so once they are gone, they are gone. It really makes Thursdays special.”

The time that the live music takes place on Thursday nights is a little flexible depending on the musician and then also the upcoming summer season. Right now, the music usually happens around 6-8 p.m., but during the summertime it will most likely move to around 7-9 p.m., according to Gross.

Another thing that will be changing with the upcoming warmer season is the location for the music. Right now, the music is indoors, but soon it will take place at the restaurant’s outside seating area.

Being able to bring the music and the people back to the restaurant has been exciting for Gross and his team.

“Having our locals come back out and visit us and see the support of the community and that they care about us being a locally owned hotel and restaurant has been great,” Gross said. “They’ve become our family and with everything that’s happened it feels like you are missing an arm and it’s nice to have these people come back in and enjoy a great meal and some amazing music.”