The Coffee Shop offers lots of options

Divided in distinct layers with caramel drizzled over top and down the sides, the macchiato at The Coffee Shop in Milford is picture perfect.

No wonder they sell quite a bit of them. Presentation is key.

“If it looks good people will buy it and this one is really popular,” said barista Cathy Pope. “It’s all about the layers.”

The caramel and vanilla syrup goes in first, followed by some ice. There is some more caramel drizzled around the inside of the cup. Next up is the milk, which is followed by two shots of espresso before the caffeinated concoction is topped off with some whipped cream and more caramel.

The layers make the macchiatto more than just a nice beverage to look at, but also create a separation for each flavor within the drink.

At first there is the sweetness of the caramel and whipped cream before the espresso cuts through to provide that boost of energy, which is then smoothed out by the milk with a final dash of sweetness as the final caramel layer enters the mix.

All that in one sip.

No wonder it is one of The Coffee Shop’s bestsellers year-round.

A little extra freshness to the ingredients certainly helps as coffee and espresso beans are ground in-house and beverages as well as food orders are largely made to order.

Homemade desserts are available including pumpkin pie and strawberry rhubarb pie.

That includes light, medium and dark roast coffee for the those looking for a caffeine boost with a little less punch than espresso.

There also is a wide-ranging latte menu.

“We have a lot of different flavors,” Cathy said. “We like to put things together and experiment and some have become very popular like the campfire mocha with chocolate, white chocolate and marshmallow.”

There is even a French toast latte on the menu.

It could possibly be a little intimidating for a first-timer, but Cathy is there to help.

“I really enjoy making the drinks. If they see all the options and it seems like a lot I just ask them to give me one flavor they like and we can go from there,” Cathy said. “The espressos are the main thing. They’re very popular. People like their strong coffee!”