Little Women 1

“Little Women” takes center stage at Spencer Community Theatre this season

The March sisters are making an appearance in Spencer.

Up next in the Spencer Community Theatre’s 60th anniversary season is the Broadway musical adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel “Little Women.”

The musical will be performed Dec. 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 and 15 with tickets on sale now and ranging from $9-18 apiece.

Liz McNea, executive artistic director at Spencer Community Theatre, is also directing the musical, which fit perfectly in their plan to celebrate this anniversary season.

“Our selection committee endeavoured to develop an anniversary season around the idea of beloved classics or stories that resonate with our patronage. Whether is was a well known piece of literature or title, we wanted to offer the opportunity for our audiences to enjoy stories of our past in the present. Much like our 60-year anniversary season, we want to remember where we’ve been as we move into the future of our organization,” McNea said.

Alcott’s story follows the lives of the four March sisters; Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy as they navigate life in Civil War America.

“Little Women is such a timeless classic that when the musical version came to our attention our selection committee was excited to see how well it honored the story,” McNea said. “The music is absolutely fantastic and features a sweeping score that offers the audience an added layer of emotional expression that only full-blown Broadway musicals can.”

McNea also believes fans of both the original novel and other stage adaptations will appreciate what the musical brings to the story.

“As a huge fan of the book, I have read different stage adaptations of the story and in my opinion, ‘Little Women, The Broadway Musical’ is the most accurately framed out adaption available,” McNea said. “While it obviously cannot present every detail from the original story, it represents all the elements that make it a beloved classic. In addition, the music is stunning and the talent that we have gracing the stage is unmatched.”

That talented cast is ready for an audience.

McNea has had a front row seat during weeks of rehearsals as they’ve grown together as a group as well as individually as performers and characters.

“From the beginning until now, it has been impossible for me to walk away from a rehearsal unmoved. The story itself it moving but the way the cast gives their all every night and strive to add that next layer of emotion is truly a gift to watch,” McNea said.

It’s an early Christmas gift the audience will get to unwrap beginning next week.

And McNea, who feels a strong personal connection to the source material, hopes the audience walks away feeling that they have just experienced something rare and special and find themselves somewhere in the story.

“The story of the March family and their experiences during the Civil War resonates with me particularly as my husband is currently deployed and serving our country overseas with the United States Air Force Reserves,” McNea said. “Exploring their story of love, loss and growth has been an amazing experience for me during this challenging season and I can’t wait to share it with our audiences.”