Rock Rapids to host Halloween Parade

On Halloween Day in downtown Rock Rapids there will be a sight to see.

Ghosts and goblins, pumpkins and princesses will be on parade.

Rock Rapids will once again be hosting its annual Halloween Parade at 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29. Kids of all ages from all over N’West Iowa are invited to come to Rock Rapids and participate in this fun tradition.

The fun starts in the Sunshine Foods parking lot at 4 p.m. and then the parade of costumed little kiddies heads east down First Avenue and then they cross to the other side and come back to the parking lot where their cars are parked.

Parents are invited to come along for the parade to watch their kids and help them cross streets and gather candy.

Businesses will have people to hand out candy outside of their businesses. And they have to have a lot of candy on hand.

“It’s pretty typical for us to have about 600 kids. It doesn’t take us too long to go on our parade — about twenty minutes or half an hour,” said Angie Jager, the director of the Rock Rapids Chamber of Commerce. “Everyone from the businesses are outside and are ready to go.”

She’s been doing this job since 2007 and they’ve been doing it since before that time. Jager’s not sure on how long, but she knows it’s a long-standing tradition.

Jager has been watching kids get all dressed up in their Halloween costumes for the Halloween Parade every year, and every year she’s excited to see all the different costumes.

“I love seeing all the costumes and seeing what is new each year,” Jager said. “I also love to see the kids’ excitement.”

Come rain or shine, the Rock Rapids Halloween Parade will take place this year, according to Jager.

“We can’t really relocate if there is bad weather so we try to run it rain or shine,” she explained.

Don’t worry kids. Rain or shine there will be candy this Halloween in Rock Rapids.