Harvest Hollow

Family fun at the pumpkin farm

Harvest Hollow Pumpkin Farm has everything needed for an afternoon of fall family fun.

Pumpkins abound, of course, but there is also a haunted house, giant chess and checkers, a play area with several slides, a pedal track, horse shoes, school room, a pumpkin house theater, corn box and much more.

Harvest Hollow was born from an idea by owner Kathy Wagner to bring the pumpkin patch experience to the local community.

“We have five kids and when the oldest ones were little we used to drive back and forth to visit family in Kansas, and we always stopped in Omaha because they had the pumpkin patch in Gretna,” Wagner said. “We always took the kids to that pumpkin patch because there was nothing like that here. When the kids hit their teen years we talked about it and decided to give it a go and the rest is history.”

That was nearly 20 years ago.

The first year they planted pumpkins quite a ways away from their farm and had to load them all into wagons and haul them over.

“I literally sat at picnic table with an ice cream bucket taking money. We had one building and a few animals,” Wagner said.

Every year they’d add another building or feature and eventually got to the point where they could buy the ground around the area and have a patch where people can go out and pick pumpkins.

“I still consider us pretty low-tech. It’s always been about having that farm experience,” Wagner said.

The farm is open Friday-Sunday with entrance costs at $7 per person (cash or check only) while children ages three and under are free.

Included in admission is a horse-drawn wagon ride as well as access to all the other activities the farm has to offer.

There are no food vendors on site but guests are welcome to bring their own supplies for a farm picnic.

The only additional cost would be to purchase pumpkins and there are plenty to choose from.

“I plant over 30 varieties and every year I’m always surprised what we end up with,” Wagner said. “This year has been interesting. We were so dry that I think the pumpkins were in a holding pattern for awhile then we got a rain and things took off. As dry as it was these pumpkins are huge. It’s amazing how big they are.”

In addition to whatever surprise the annual harvest season has in store, Wagner truly enjoys seeing the people that come year after year.

“Seeing all the families coming out and watching kids growing up, that’s pretty cool and a lot of fun,” Wagner said.

Generations of family fun, in fact, at Harvest Hollow Pumpkin Farm.