Snail Grab and Go Bags

Activities and crafts from the Milford Memorial Library

Learn all about snails without the slime.

The newest Grab and Go activity being offered from the Milford Memorial Library will teach children about the shelled creatures with a paper plate craft and suggestions of library books and online resources to learn even more.

Grab and Go bags are free for anyone and can be reserved through the library’s website.

The theme changes every two weeks. From March 1-12 it’s all about snails while the second half of the month will be dedicated to dinosaurs.

The program was born from a desire to continue community outreach despite being closed during their typical summer reading program several months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We wanted to find a way to connect with the public without them coming into the library and came up with the idea of the Grab and Go bag,” said youth librarian Becca Schultz. “We did 120 bags and gave out all of them. Once the school year hit we just continued and the momentum has been good. We put together about 80-90 bags every two weeks.”

With the growing popularity of the program the library began having people interested sign up to reserve a bags through the website.

They can then pick them up at the library’s drive-up window any time during the two weeks of that particular theme.

“The bag has all the craft materials in there with a piece of paper listing everything I’m putting in and what they need to provide, as well as step-by-step instructions for how the put the craft together,” Schultz said. “I have a list of books on snails here at the library and some website links to coloring pages and things like that.”

Related library books are pulled aside and can be reserved and picked up at the same time as the craft bags.

Schultz typically scours Pinterest at first to find new activities and avoid repeating past crafts. Next up is going through the library to see what books they have on hand that relate to the theme, followed by an internet search for additional learning materials.

“I try to make sure the craft is relatively easy and doesn’t require a lot of supplies,” Schultz said. “The snail activity is a paper plate that can be decorated with pieces of colored paper for the snail’s shell and then there is the snail’s head they’ll attach.”

Schultz says they’ve been happy to see the growth of the program and plan to continue it through the upcoming summer at the very least.

“The numbers keep growing and with that momentum we really don’t want to stop,” Schultz said. “The number one thing for us is connecting with the community and making sure they know we’re here to help and support the community even though we haven’t been able to have people here physically.”

Until those doors open again, and even after they do, families can expect something fun in their Grab and Go Bags from the Milford Memorial Library.