The Venue offers variety of simulated sports action

Don’t let your golf game rust over the long winter months.

Instead swing away at any one of 85 PGA venues around the country, all within the warm and toasty confines of The Venue in downtown Spirit Lake.

Owner Dave Tryon opened the space during the summer and outfitted it with a top-of-the-line Full Swing Golf simulator that guests can rent for $40 per hour.

The building formerly housed the Funny Barn Comedy Club, which Tryon owned along with his brothers, who also co-own Sportsman’s together right next door.

Which works out well considering visitors enter through the pub and book blocks of time with the simulator through Sportsman’s.

When he bought the former Funny Barn space back recently Tryon already had a general idea in mind.

“When I got the place I wanted to it to have a vintage industrial look. I figured I have a big collection of vintage bicycles and vintage sporting items, so I now I could have a place to put all my stuff,” Tryon said.

That notion quickly expanded to include the simulator as well as enough space to host events for groups up to 250 people including birthday parties, wedding receptions, family reunions and much more.

Of course with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic protocols in place, such large gatherings are still on hold at the moment.

“Even now, it’s nice that it’s a larger venue with the social distancing stuff going on — we can handle that since it’s such a big space,” Tryon said.

Tryon says the venue is outfitted with all the technology needed for corporate presentations as well.

“It has an old-school look, but it’s pretty high-tech in there,” Tryon said.

A lot of that tech is on full display with the simulator, which has a pro’s pedigree as Tryon said the installation crew remarked that they had just installed the same model for PGA pro Brandt Snedeker the previous week.

“You get actual footage after every shot with all the details like backspin, club speed and angle. All that data and it shows you a quick video of the club hitting the ball,” Tryon said. “You can learn a lot about your golf game. And with all the PGA courses the trees, bushes and everything are in the exact same location as if you were there. So, say if you were going to Florida and wanted to play a course on the simulator to get a feel for it first, you could do that too.”

The simulator isn’t confined to single sport either.

Feel like a round of home run derby with a few friends? The simulator can handle that and you event get to use a real bat and tee.

Or maybe you think you can hit a 50-yard field goal like and NFL pro place-kicker. The simulator will give you that chance.

You can even shoot clay pigeons or go on a big game hunt.

“I have everything here. I can even put down a white floor for hockey,” Tryon said. “Most guys can maybe play nine holes in an hour, and maybe if you have 10 minutes left they’ll shoot for an hour. Basically you can rent the simulator for an hour and decide what you want to use it for.”

For those looking for something to do in the long winter months, there is no shortage of options at The Venue.