Amusement park set up for a scary good time

Screams of delight are giving way to screams of terror.

Delightful terror that is, as Boji Scare takes over Arnolds Park Amusement Park for the month of October.

Tickets are $10 and the park will be open from 8-11 p.m., weather permitting, Friday-Sunday for the next three weekends.

Frightening figures lurk around every corner as guests get the chance to ride the log flume, take a train ride and risk adventures through the tipsy house, mirror maze and bug house under a whole new set of circumstances compared to a typical sunny, summer weekend at the park.

It was something the park has pondered in the past.

“We’ve tossed the idea around before knowing that other parks did this as an offseason event and we thought this would be a great year to try it out and see how it went,” said Paul Plumb, marketing manager for Arnolds Park Amusement Park. “It’s probably exceeded expectations so far. We’ve been really happy getting people here every night and it’s been a lot of fun.”

Guests enter at the racetrack, crossing the bridge in the dark and getting greeted by a scary, skeletal figure as they make their way to the amusement park grounds.

From there the spooky adventure can take many turns.

“The park is set up as walk-through experience,” Plumb said. “You can also ride a few rides. The tipsy house and mirror maze are set up as mini haunted houses and while you’re walking around there are characters involved there to give you a little scare and have some fun.”

A mix of the park’s offseason staff as well as some volunteers with a passion for a good scare are ready to make visitors jump.

“We asked the community and they responded in a great way. It’s been a big plus having those folks on hand plus our normal offseason staff,” Plumb said. “Another thing we did is went out and found sponsors for the event. We were able to purchase quite a few of the items and costumes. We also put out a call for people if they had things they weren’t using anymore and got a great response from that also.”

It all combines to take the haunted house experience to the next level.

And don’t expect to have all the scares sorted out after one stroll around the park.

“So far, I’ve seen it change just about every night,” Plumb said. “We’ve had some guests go more than one night and I think they’ve gotten a new experience each night and that’s a fun part of it. They’re able to give people a new experience each time they’re out.”