Nature Tots Earth Day

Nature Tots celebrates Earth Day April 13-14

The Dickinson County Nature Center is taking time to celebrate this place we call Earth.

Their next monthly Nature Tots program held at their location in Okoboji will be devoted to celebrating our home with the theme “Earth Day Birthday.”

The Nature Tots programming is aimed at ages 2-5 and is held the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. This month’s dates are April 13-14. Call 712-336-6352 to preregister for this free program.

“We thought this would be a very fitting theme because Earth Day is April 22 so this is our way we can celebrate with our young community members,” said naturalist Ashley Hansen.

The theme for the event was inspired by a book.

“We picked ‘Earth Day Birthday’ because we found a book by Pattie Schnetzler with that title that will be a very fun read for our nature tots. The book is very similar to ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ with each day talking about how the wide world gave something to us on each Earth Day Birthday,” Hansen said.

In addition to reading a story together, Nature Tots programs also include some other fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

“We will read the book and the nature tots will participate in a felt board activity, then we will go on a walk and enjoy time outside to celebrate the Earth,” Hansen said.

With the weather warming slowly but surely, Hansen is excited to be able to start bringing Nature Tots back outdoors and into nature once again.

“I am so excited to have our nature tots program outside (hopefully). We’ve been cooped up inside for the winter and finally we can host it outside again. There’s also no better way to celebrate Earth Day than getting outside and exploring our natural areas,” Hansen said.

Celebrating the Earth and learning more about it is one way to inspire the next generation to take care of the planet, according to Hansen.

“It’s important that children foster an appreciation for the Earth and care for it even at a young age,” Hansen said. “We only have one Earth so it’s crucial that future generations learn how to take care of the Earth so it will remain healthy for many more generations to come.”