Spencer students put together art gallery show

Arts on Grand has put on student exhibitions in the past, but this one is a little bit different.

As part of the No Boundaries program at Spencer High School, two seniors, Sophie Krukow and JD Bumgarner, took on the task of putting together their own gallery show.

That exhibit, “The Grand Artsby,” remains on display through Saturday, Feb. 27, at Arts on Grand in downtown Spencer.

Tara Brown, executive director for Arts on Grand, said the experience working with the students was a lot of fun.

“It gives them real-world experience and shows them that art is more than just being an artist,” Brown said. “They get to understand what goes on with nonprofits and behind the scenes in the art gallery.”

For Krukow and Bumgarner that meant handling all the marketing, public relations and event planning aspects of a gallery show.

“They did the exhibit all themselves. All the fundraising and advertising, going on the radio, doing newspaper and TV interviews,” Brown said. “They did a really good job and we’re really proud of the work they did. What I like about the No Boundaries program is that the success is based on the kids. If an idea fails to work it becomes a learning opportunity, and if it’s successful they understand what they need to do. It’s a really good experience.”

The students also learned how to hang the show itself on the gallery walls.

The centerpiece is a tile project that features the Spencer High School crest and will eventually be displayed at the school.

Krukow and Bumgarner enlisted the aid of several classmates to complete those tiles. They also have several of their own works of art on display.

Metalworks, ceramics and paintings were hand-picked by each student for the show.

“I had them figure out where to put stuff — with a little direction — and how to pair artwork together. It was really fun and a great way to let them know that the creativity process goes all the way through the show. They have a voice in their art through how it’s displayed,” Brown said.

Visitors can enjoy the art for one more week at Arts on Grand.