Colors of Midwest

Familiar landscapes fill the gallery

Rows upon rows of cornfields. A sliver of a creek running through a pasture. Familiar scenes to anyone who has lived or traveled in the middle of the country.

And they can be sources of inspiration for the artists who call this place home.

Such is the case for Nancyjane Huehl, originally from South Dakota, who now calls Iowa her home.

Her exhibit, “Shared Experience,” is on display through Aug. 24 in the Monte Pearson Gallery at the Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji.

A member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, Huehl’s work is in private and corporate collections all around the country.

“Midwest paintings in a Midwest gallery,” said Danielle Clouse Gast, visual arts director at the Pearson Lakes Art Center. “Her subject matter has lot of South Dakota and Midwest landscapes that are so eloquently painted with an emphasis on lighting and color.”

It’s not just the landscapes, but the still life work and even a portrait or two on display that exemplify Huehl’s exemplary brushwork.

“She shows her breadth and execution of subject matter,” Clouse Gast said. “Her landscapes use looser, thicker brush strokes and have a beautiful layering of colors. When you walk up close you can see the complexity in her use of colors.”

Huehl carries a sketch book at all times to capture landscapes as they change.

As such, Clouse Gast says hers is the perfect exhibit to lead into their annual Plein Air show at the art center.

Working outside in the great wide open inspires many artists.

It’s certainly worked for Nancyjane Huehl.

Enjoy her “Share Experience” in the Monte Pearson Gallery.