Ceramic exploration

New exhibit in the Goodenow Gallery at PLAC

Art takes many shapes. At the Pearson Lakes Art Center they explore them all and encourage their visitors to do so as well.

In the Goodenow Gallery through Aug. 10 on the lower level of the art center is the ceramic work of John George Larson.

“We have photography upstairs and will soon open a show of paintings, and down here we have ceramic sculptures. The art center is full of variety and color with these three shows,” said Danielle Clouse Gast, visual arts director at the art center.

Larson maintains a ceramics studio in Milan, MN, and the exhibit shows work from the past three years.

“As a visual artist, I use clay in an effort to understand the physical world,” Larson says in his artist’s statement. “Clay allows me to experience the malleability and plasticity of the earth. I regard all aspects of the ceramic process a sacred act, and see each as an opportunity to confront my own temperance and fragility.”

The pieces on display are made with porcelain, which Clouse Gast describes as a soft, buttery clay.

If the shapes, some simple and some much more complex, remind visitors of something out of geometry class it’s with good reason.

“The following series of abstract polytopes are part of a larger body of work exploring the axioms of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry through sculpture,” Larson said. “I am interested in the intersection of mathematics and philosophy and I use sculpture to explore this relationship and realize my ideas.”

Visitors can see the intricacy of those ideas up close at the Pearson Lakes Art Center.