Talking tulips with Orange City’s Tulip Town Bulb Co.

The tulips are putting on a show this year.

The annual Tulip Festival might not be taking place this year, but the tulips are ready to show off their loveliness, according to Keri Drescher, who co-owns Tulip Town Bulb Co. with her husband, Dan.

“They are beautiful right now and are coming up gorgeous,” Keri said last week. “And next weekend they will be in full bloom.”

People might not be gathering for the Tulip Festival, but there are still people who are taking a drive through town, a walk in the parks or in the Tulip Town Bulb Co. yard to enjoy this spring flower.

“We have had many people coming through the yard and through the city. We had the shop open and already had some sales,” Keri said. “We are taking the precautions and everything. But people can also put in their orders over the phone and online as well.”

Tulip Town Bulb Co. are selling some spring bulbs of lilies and gladiolus and are taking preorders for fall tulip bulbs.

Their yard is bright with color right now, according to Keri.

“In our yard, we planted about 3,000 bulbs. We have 51 different varieties and people are invited to come here and walk through the gardens just to take pictures if they would like,” Keri said. “People can also just come and drive through the town and see all the tulips. It’s easy to drive by the town and down the roads.”

According to Keri, the town plants around 30,000 tulip bulbs so that the town is bursting with the spring flower come mid-May.

This year, Keri says that they are offering two new varieties in their lineup.

“The Hamilton tulip is a tribute to my maiden name,” Keri said. “It’s bright yellow with fringed tulips. It was one that I think the business sold many years ago, but I just saw this one on the list and we decided to bring it back this year. We’re not Dutch but we live in a Dutch community and the Hamilton tulip is just a little tribute to our family.”

The other new variety this year is called the Little Red Riding Hood. It’s a smaller tulip with variegated leaves.

Keri’s favorite tulip is already blooming.

“My favorite every year is the Blushing Beauty. It’s big and pretty and elegant. It’s pink and yellow. It’s a very tall tulip,” Keri said. “It’s just beautiful so far that I’ve seen it this year.”