Flea Markets are on for the Fourth at Treasure Village and Vick’s Corner

It’s time, once again, to go treasure hunting.

Two Iowa Great Lakes spots will be hosting their annual flea markets the weekend of the Fourth of July: Treasure Village and Vick’s Corner.

The traditional third spot is at the Dickinson County Expo Building, but they canceled their event for the weekend of July 4.

Both the flea markets at Treasure Village and Vick’s Corner are held outside and are set to take place from July 3-5.

This will be Treasure Village’s first flea market event of the year and things will be a little different from normal.

“We have fewer vendors this time. Some of our older vendors who have health issues have bowed out and hopefully will return when things are better,” said Garth Neisess, the flea market manager at Treasure Village. “At last count we have about 25 vendors coming when we would normally have about 55.”

Because their event takes place outside and they are able to spread out their vendors even more than they would normally, they are hoping that helps everyone in complying with social distancing guidelines.

“Each vendor has been given additional room to spread out and be separated from each other. We did also give them all safety suggestions,” said Linnea Lambert, the managing director of Treasure Village.

The vendors who will be in attendance will come and set up for the event on Thursday, July 2, and there will be a wide range of items they will have for sale.

“We’ve got everything from nice antiques to some newer things. It’s a nice conglomeration of different things,” Neisses said. “There will be jewelry, 31 Gifts, Tupperware, Scentsy, beef jerky, collectible cards, old tools, glass, antiques and more.”

Both the vendors and the organizers at Treasure Village are excited about being able to host their event the weekend of the Fourth of July.

“We had a lot of feedback from our vendors that they were disappointed we didn’t have the Flea Market in May and they are anxious to come,” Neisess said.

“We are hoping both locals and tourists use common sense and proper hygiene and stay home if they are sick,” Lambert said.