Nystrom Orchard seeks to offer apples, tastings and more

The Nystrom family knows apples.

They’ve been growing them for five generations.

“No one knows the exact start date of it in the family. My husband, Aaron, is the fourth generation and our kids are the fifth generation,” said Kia Nystrom, who runs the orchard with her family.

The orchard is located on four acres located a few miles south of Worthington, MN, and features a couple thousand trees, according to Kia. They have 15 varieties of apples throughout the season.

Kia’s favorite apples have yet to be picked.

“My favorite are Fireside. They are picked the end of October and usually weigh over a pound a piece. They have a hint of brown sugar when you eat them and they are just so yummy,” Kia said.

Though the weather was a bit scary to start off the summer, Kia said it turned out to be great for the apples.

“Our apples are gorgeous. It’s our best crop ever. We have a whole new part of the orchard with our dwarf trees coming into production this year,” Kia said. “Pollination is a huge deal and is why we started having our own bees and since we’ve been doing that for four years we have better pollination and better apples.”

They offer pick-you-own apples for what’s ready to be picked as well as apples that have been already picked in their apple building on site. They also offer their own homemade apple crisps, Dutch apple pie, apple cider, apple sauce and more. Apples are sold by the pound.

“Our daughter, Cortland, who is 7, started her own business selling cotton candy,” Kia said. “We are a true small family business and we want our kids to understand how to communicate with a customer, make change and how to make and sell a product so that’s been great for her.”

They are open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 1-5 p.m. on Sundays through the end of October this year.

In addition to all of their apple goods the Nystrom Orchard also hosts a number of events through the fall including Tastings through the Orchard, Gourmet Tastings inside and a Cider Tasting.

All the events are geared toward one purpose.

“My goal is to connect people with where their food came from and showcase agriculture. We want to tell a story about what apples are all about — it’s a lot more than just eating an apple. We want to introduce people into eating apples and other produce in new ways,” Kia said. “We want it to be like a gourmet winery experience but at an orchard.”

So far their events for this fall are all sold out, but keep an eye on their Facebook page as that’s where they have updates about new events.

The Nystrom family certainly knows their apples and they are excited to pass on their knowledge.

Stop by for a lesson and a yummy, healthy snack rolled into one.