The Headliners

The Headliners set to perform at Pearson Lakes Art Center on June 19

If you are looking to jazz up a Tuesday night then you are in luck.

Jazz is what will be on the menu at the Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji.

The Headliners will be performing in Pomerantz Hall at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 19. Tickets for the performance are $15 and it’s a popular performance so organizers suggest you get your tickets soon.

“It’s usually very full and often sells out. It’s downstairs in Pomerantz so it’s a little more relaxed atmosphere,” said Rachelle Fratzke, the performing arts director at the Pearson Lakes Art Center.

The Headliners are a unique troupe of professional musicians who perform together one week a year.

“The Headliners are a group of gentlemen who come together to do the jazz camp at the Iowa Lakes Community College. They do the camp for the kids there and they are just extraordinary,” Fratzke said. “They are individuals from all over the country and they really enjoy what they do. They are very talented and while they are here, they do a number of performances including this one at the art center.”

This will be the 16th year that The Headliners have performed at the Pearson Lakes Art Center. There will be a number of chances to hear some quality jazz during the week of June 16-20.

The Reggie Schive Summer Jazz Camp is back this year at Iowa Lakes Community College and once again a number of concerts will be held for the public. Check out their schedule for more information.

The performances will show off The Headliners chops at playing a wide variety of jazz.

The Headliners and teachers this year are Tony Gulizia on keyboard and vocals, Joey Gulizia on percussion, Roger Neumann on saxophones, Andy Hall on bass, Scott Hesse on guitar, Michael Gurciullo on trumpet and vocals, CJ Kocher on saxophones, and Dan Cassady on trombone.

Along with the staff of the Iowa Lakes Community College, The Headliners will share their knowledge and experience with students at the jazz camp.

For jazz lovers or those who just love to hear some great music, this is one week you’ll want to mark down on your calendars.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement you see from some of the kids from the camp who come along to watch the performance,” Fratzke said. “Their excitement about what they’ve been doing and learning is fun to see. Also, The Headliners are just great — especially if you like jazz and big band music — even if you don’t, they are still great.”