The Browns

The Browns put on a country show

The Browns Century Theatre in LeMars is going country.

For at least one more weekend of shows, that is.

They will once again be hosting their Born Country shows the weekend of Oct. 16-17. The concerts are set to take place at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16 and 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17.

This show is one that is new to The Browns this year.

“We’ve done a variety of music throughout our years of singing including some good old country songs,” said Michaela Brown, one of the members of The Browns family singing group. “We grew up on a farm and love our country roots.”

And while they’ve done some country songs in their shows, a whole show dedicated to the genre is something new for them this year.

The decision to offer up an all-country show grew from the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

“COVID threw everyone for a loop and we’ve always done a Celtic show and a patriotic show and we’ve done some country songs, but never a full show,” Michaela said. “We wanted to offer up some variety and give people something to do. Our shows in September filled up and these are too.”

The concerts are two hours with an intermission and Michaela is excited to perform two songs in particular.

“I love ‘Seven Brides Road’ and I enjoy the yodeling song that I do, ‘Cowboy Sweetheart.’ It’s something that is a lost art,” Michaela said. “I learned to do it in high school. My grandma was the one who said to me that I needed to learn how to yodel.”

To top off the whole experience of a night or afternoon of country music you could also enjoy a meal of good food.

“We do our home cooked meals before the concerts that people can add to their experiences. We are going to be doing some good country food like Salisbury steak with corn,” Michaela said. “We do it all at our event center, in-house and it’s all from scratch.”

The Browns are serving up a country experience in a number of ways.