Family Tradition

Country music concert in Worthington highlights legends of the industry

Country music is one big family and the next performance at Memorial Auditorium Performing Arts Center in Worthington will celebrate some of its most famous members.

Family Tradition: Country Music Heirs is coming back to Worthington on Saturday, Oct. 5 at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $35 in advance or $40 at the door for adults and $20 in advance for students.

“I had heard about these shows from other performing arts centers and we decided to give it a shot last year — it was absolutely fantastic, an amazing night of music and stories,” said Tammy Makram, managing director at Memorial Auditorium. “One of the wonderful things about Memorial Auditorium is the way the seating is set up. Everyone is really close to the stage — there’s not bad seat in the house — which makes for a nice setting when you have a performing bonding with the audience telling stories and singing songs.”

One of the three artists from last year’s show, Georgette Jones, will be back this time around.

She will be joined by David Frizzell and Dean Miller.

“For this show these are fall family members of very legendary country music singers. Georgette is the daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, so she’s got it from both sides and just oozes country music legend talent,” Makram said. “Not only is Georgette just a wonderful person with great stories to tell from both her parents, she’s an incredible performer herself and just finished a recording in Nashville, including a song with Vince Gill.”

That album is called “Skin,” which was produced and featured songs written by one of the other artists scheduled to perform, Dean Miller.

“Georgette and I have know each other for a long time,” Miller said. “We have a cool understanding of each other and this weird kind of childhood we had. It’s not always an easy road for the children of show business and it took me some time to realize how privileged I was to grow up in a house with hugely legendary figures and the places I got to go. We’ll all tell a lot of stories about our family and some of the stories behind the songs.”

Miller’s father, Roger Miller, is perhaps most well-known for the song “King of the Road” and had several other songs crack the country charts top 10 like “Dang Me” and “Chug-a-lug.”

Dean Miller has carved out a successful career of his own writing songs and producing records for artists such as George Jones, Trace Adkins, Trisha Yearwood, Jamey Johnson, Terri Clark, Joe Nichols, Mark Chesnutt, Steve Holy, and Hank Williams III.

He also performs and produces his own music with his latest album a couple months away from release.

“I enjoy performing because of the connection with people and I enjoy writing for the creative outlet that it is,” Miller said. “There is a real sense of accomplishment when you write a song and comes together, especially in the studio when you hear it come to life with musicians for the first time.”

Completing the trio of performers is David Frizzell, brother of another legendary country singer, Lefty Frizzell.

“It’s certainly going to be a lot of fun,” David said. “Everybody is kind of representing themselves and other people. I’ll tell you what, I started working with my brother Lefty at such an early age and he did so much for me without even trying. Not only me, he helped all kinds of different people in this business. We’ll talk about all that and sing particular songs of his, some of those great Lefty songs, and the stories that go with all that. It’s so much fun to talk about and share those memories.”

Frizzell has had several hits of his own along the way and will singing and sharing stories behind those as well.

He scored a number-one hit with “I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home” and “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma,” which was recorded with Shelly West and scored a spot in the Clint Eastwood film “Any Which Way You Can.”

“We got to sing ‘Wino’ right? We got to sing that one!” Frizzell said. “One of my favorites of mine is ‘You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma.’ That’s the one with Shelly West that really kicked things off. And with Clint Eastwood we’ll talk about how that all came about. What a great guy.”

Frizzell is also well aware of the lineage of his fellow performers.

“I know Georgette, she’s incredible and I’ve done a lot of shows with her,” Frizzell said. “I knew Roger Miller quite well, he was one of my favorite people.. You know we’ve all three of us spent our whole lives in music one way or another, so we have lots of stories to tell. These guys were all just incredible — Tammy and George and Roger, Lefty — there is a whole layer of incredible memories we all share, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m excited to come up. Everyone is going to have the time of their lives if they come to the show, that’s all I can tell you!”