SIOUX CENTER—Sioux Center Land Development which started in the 1960s with the idea of leading organized growth in Sioux Center has had a busy year in 2018.

SCLD assisted in the Interstates project which is building its new 45,000-square-foot office building. SCLD assisted by purchasing the 15-acre parcel to sell to Interstates. In addition, they obtained a RISE grant to install a future Sixteenth Street Northeast and will also continue to develop an adjacent property.

In its annual newsletter SCLD president Mike Plasier was quoted as saying, “Sioux Center Land Development is proud to have played a role in accommodating the growth of a business that is important to the future of Sioux Center.

“By assisting with reasonable land and development costs, we’ve helped keep a business in Sioux Center that will continue to provide valuable jobs now and in the future and will certainly help stimulate additional growth in our community.”

South Ridge Estates Addition

Construction on four single-family homes and one duplex has begun in South Ridge Estates. This was a second addition of the South Ridge Estates residential area near The Ridge Golf Course as the first addition is almost completely full.

The second addition will have 45 single-family lots and one multifamily area and was created as a part of the SCLD vision to have a variety of housing options available in Sioux Center. SCLD developed the area, installed utilities and to date has sold 10 residential lots and one multifamily lot.

Cambridge Technologies

SCLD purchased the former Boehringer Ingelheim building in 2014 with plans to have it utilized for a biotech business. 

In 2015 the building was purchased by Cambridge Technologies which is producing custom-made animal vaccines. 

The company, which has 25 employees plans to hire an additional 10-15 employees in 2019.