Owners wanted additional shop space, offices

Koopmans Concrete Co. has added additional workspace to their shop to ensure company growth and success.


IRETONKoopmans Concrete Co. has been a thriving business in Ireton since 1979.

Thirty-nine years later, father-son owners Ron and Ross Koopmans have added on to the concrete business’s shop at 401 First St. in Ireton.

“We are in a transition period,” Ross said. “Dad and I are working together a lot more on bidding projects and things like that, so the need for an office rather than the office running out of his house was the main reason for the addition.”

The 30-by-90-foot addition was added to the original Koopmans Concrete shop built in 1983. The additional footage provides more shop space to work trucks and other equipment as well as provides two offices where they can meet with potential clients and contract jobs. 

“It will be nice to have an office to go to during the day when something needs to be worked on rather than going to dad’s house,” Ross said. 

Ron is company president, his wife Connie is secretary and their son Ross is vice-president.

Ron and Ross have different responsibilities. Up until five years ago, Ross was just one of Ron’s workers, “one of the guys.” Now Ross takes on some of the larger projects. 

“Dad isn’t throwing in the towel yet, but the transition when the day does come will be smooth,” Ross said.

Koopmans Concrete has seen the advantages of owning a business in Ireton as they’ve developed a “nice radius” of customers surrounding Ireton.

They’re work has changed quite a bit in the past five years, too.

 “Things like dual grade lasers, laser graders, laser screeds and total station layout are some of the things we do and are very important on larger projects,” Ross said. “Our greatest asset is our staff. We have competent, reliable guys, many who have worked with us for some time.”

The Koopmans family realize their family business would not be as successful as it has been without their employees.

Included in the staff at Koopmans Concrete Co are veteran foreman Luis Alonso Mora and Roberto Mora. Rigoberto Arce is also a foreman and the equipment operator is Rigoberto Lopez. Other valued staff are Andres Carillo Virgen, Jaime Topete, Miguel Morales and Saul Flores.

If it is a smaller project, the father-son duo are able to run up to three small crews. 

A large project in progress currently is a new cattle feeding facility at the Gregg farm northeast of Hawarden.

“You could say were very proud of this project,” Ross said. “At the same time that isn’t to take away from any other project we have done.”

Driving back and forth on Highway 10 to different job sites often makes Ross smile. Seeing the work he, his dad and the crew at Koopmans Concrete created at the Rolling Hills Silage bunker and commodity shed on the Dekkers family homestead are two of the more notable projects the company has done.

“Whether it’s just a sidewalk or a driveway, a house foundation or a stamped patio they all fit into our schedule kind of like a puzzle to make things keep gong and keep our guys busy,” Ross said.

“When you do something as tough and physical as pouring concrete, it’s easy to be proud and get self satisfaction when a project is complete,” he continued. “We’ve done a lot of jobs we’re proud of. We love the big projects, but it takes them all to keep our business going.”


To learn more about Koopmans Concrete Co. in Ireton call 712-541-4901.