Hawarden City Council meets

The Hawarden City Council voted to accept an ordinance regulating parking or storing vehicles on unimproved surfaces. Tim Kurth voted no.

In a 4-1 vote, the Hawarden City Council passed the new ordinance pertaining to regulating parking or storing vehicles on unimproved surfaces on residential properties.

Council member Tim Kurth held his position that the ordinance would be too difficult to enforce and voted no at the regular council Wednesday, Oct. 24. 

Prior to the vote during open business from the community, the council heard from Roger Olson of Hawarden, who voiced concerns.

“Are we going to talk about doing something with downtown streets?” Olson asked. “Also about driveways and parking in yards, I think when people take pictures and put them in the paper, when it’s not against the law yet to park a camper in a yard, you know that’s not right. But that is all I have to say.”

Bergsma makes motion

Council member Jenn Bergsma made the motion to accept ordinance 706. Bergsma also thanked all in attendance at the community visioning.

Council member Jenn Bergsma gave a motion in support of the third reading and accepting and implementing ordinance 706 as written; council member Travis Olson seconded the motion. A roll-call vote was taken.

No other comments were given. 

Other matters 

In other business during the council meeting:

n Mayor Ric Porter thanked all who attended the nights prior community visioning. While he acknowledged the visioning is only the beginning, he said “together we as a community will accomplish great things.”

n Porter gave recognition and congratulated the West Sioux High School football team for advancing in the playoffs and thanked the team and coaches for their hard work.

n The council noted Hawarden’s voting site is the Hawarden Community Center. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

n Public Works director Travis Waterman reported there has been a monitoring violation of the cities water. The operating permit states the city needs to sample for two substances in August annually. In inadvertently the test was taken in July ,making them out of compliance. The quality of the test came back fine, it was just taken 12 days too soon.

n The Hawarden Police Department has three candidates interested in the position on the department. Police Chief Corey Utech gave a brief overview of what the state requires for candidates to obtain before they can be hired.

n Council approved an ordinance amending provisions pertaining to wastewater utility rates.

n Council approved the purchasing of natural gas as from PEFA, Inc.

n The Ireton police protection agreement was passed by council. Utech noted the relationship between the city of Ireton and the police department has been good both ways.

n A discussion was held by council on the possible hiring of an economic community development director. Bergsma and Olson presented a draft of a working job description for what would be a city-hired position.

“Ironically, last night in the community visioning this was brought up a lot,” Olson said. “Finding the right person is going to be key.”

Council and staff agreed the position is something to look into and they will take the information from the community visioning as well as goals they would like to see moving forward.

“We have had some in the past; we want somebody with a lot of experience,” Bergsma said. “We want someone who follows the same vision that Hawarden has.”