Horseshoe Bend Winter Sports Area offers winter fun

There isn’t anything more fun in the winter than flying down a hill on a sled or a tube while joyously screaming your head off. And then doing it all over again.

The Dickinson County Nature Center operates the Horseshoe Bend Winter Sports Area at the Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area and it’s one of the only tubing areas for the public to enjoy in the area.

“The Horseshoe Bend Winter Sports Area is so much fun because it’s something different! There are not any other tubing hills nearby, so it is a great activity for the community to have on snowy days,” said Kiley Roth, the community relations coordinator with the Dickinson County Conservation Board.

The tubing hill is open on the weekends during the winter, but it needs at least six inches of snowpack to operate.

“We post each Friday if the tubing hill will be open that weekend, and it’s listed at That is the best place to check. It is sometimes a last-minute call since it is so weather dependent,” Roth said. “When we are open, our hours are 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday.”

The cost is $10 and includes a tube. No outside sleds are allowed during open hours. The tubing hill has two tracks for people to enjoy as well as a tow rope to make the climb back to the top much easier. There is also a warming house with a fire and concessions that is open when the tubing hill is open.

This tubing site has been in operation since the 1970s.

“The Dickinson County Conservation Board runs the Horseshoe Bend Winter Sports Area because it is a great opportunity to get people outdoors. Horseshoe Bend is a wonderful park in a beautiful area of Dickinson County, and we love that this activity gets people out to the park, and they can also come back to walk the trails, snowshoe, snowmobile and bird watch,” Roth said. “We are also passionate about getting people outdoors in every season, and the tubing hill is so fun that people come out even in chilly weather!”

While most people might think that sledding and tubing are only for the young, Roth says that you’d be wrong. The Horseshoe Bend Winter Sports Area is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

“It is so much fun to see people of all ages — kids to parents to grandparents — all enjoy tubing together. It really is an intergenerational opportunity, and people have created memories there for so many years,” Roth said. “We love to see people get outside and enjoy being in nature! If there isn’t enough for us to open, we still highly encourage people to head out to Horseshoe Bend to enjoy the trails and enjoy being outside in the beauty of winter!”