A howlin’ Halloween

Dickinson County Nature Center hosts Halloween bash on Wednesday, Oct. 31

Halloween at the Dickinson County Nature Center is sure to be a howlin’ good time.

For the first time, the nature center has decided to host an event on Halloween. Their Howlin’ Halloween program is all set to take place at 3:30-5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31.

“This is our first Halloween event. We decided that this would be a fun way for our community members to kick off their Halloween and enjoy the Nature Center,” said Bryanna Kuhlman, the environmental education coordinator with the Dickinson County Nature Center.

The program is geared toward families with young children and will feature some educational fun about one of nature’s greatest adapters.

“They are the king of adaptation, because they have adapted to live in every environment,” said Ashley Hansen, a naturalist with the nature center.

Coyotes are native to prairie environments but they can also be found in cities, suburbs and forests.

“Participants will start off reading the story ‘Hungry Coyote,’ touching a coyote pelt and learning about adaptations coyotes have made to living in our landscape then they can try our Coyote Scat snack.” Kuhlman said.

For those who are preregistered for the event, it will then be time to decorate something special for them to take along trick-or-treating.

“Each participant will then get to decorate a canvas bag to take with them to gather their candy for the evening. We will finish with a short costume parade through the Nature Center where participants will get their first treats of the evening,” Kuhlman said.

Enjoying Halloween and learning about a new animal should be a fun way to start the holiday, according to Kuhlman.

“I hope that participants will take away a bite size of knowledge about our coyote friends and view them as a positive creature in our landscape,” Kuhlman said. “I also hope participants will be able to enjoy other community members as we gather for this event.”

But Kuhman admits that she’s like most other adults on Halloween. She is just excited to see the kids enjoying their costumes.

“I am mostly looking forward to seeing all the fun costumes that the kiddos come in,” Kuhlman said.

Following the program the participants will be able to explore the nature center before they head out for the rest of their howlin’ Halloween.